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It doesn't look like it from my #bestnine, but this was the worst year in my running life. I just barely made it to 500 km. Next year will be awesome though!
Night run with a view! Long time no insta btw!
My last run in Ladtjovagge this year! Had to get a good view of the valley and the #kebnekaise massif.
Unfortunately no summit today. I didn't feel comfortable climbing through snow in running shoes. I turned around halfway up and decided to go up to Tarfala instead. A choice I do not regret. It. Was. Too. Beautiful. 24+ km, 1100+ m ascent and descent, 5 hours of "whoopeeee!". Happy birthday to me! I'm gonna drink beer now.
There really are no words. This is heaven. I don't even care that I probably got 100 mosquito bites on this run. It was 105 minutes of pure joy. Btw that glacier water is both delicious and refreshing to swim in! 🏔️🏞️🏃🏊
I'm finally back home in the mountains! I'm looking forward to summiting #kebnekaise tomorrow on my birthday!
New shoes! @salomonrunning really know what they're doing!
A little bit of running. A little bit of off trail exploring in my backyard :)
Tagged 4 bridges on my 20 km run through #stockholm today!
These were the hardest fought 22 km of my life! Super fun and beautiful course, but damn it was hard! Thanks @adawildboar for a great race!
Today's long run was 50% pain, 50% joy and 100% fun!
Is there a better way to start the day? Other than the snooze button, of course.