UltraMarkus Markus Kylberg / Ultra-endurance Athlete

Ghost Runner App for Suunto

I recently got a Suunto watch to track my runs. A great thing about Suunto watches is that you can download apps to them that you can use during your runs. You might want to track how many Snickers bars you’ve burned off or how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed, there’s probably an app for that. And if there isn’t, Suunto lets anyone build their own apps on their site movescount.com.

There are a ton of “ghost runner” apps, where you can see how far ahead or behind you are a “ghost” that is running at a constant pace. The problem is that the apps aren’t customizable at all, if you want the option to run with a 4:30/km ghost or a 5:00/km ghost you have to download an app for each one of those paces. And there is only so much memory in a digital wrist watch.

So I made my own Suunto-app! The first (I think) customizable ghost runner app.

When you start your activity, the watch will say “warmup” and the duration of the activity.


When the timer reaches your desired ghost pace, you press the LAP-button to set the ghost pace.


The watch now shows you the difference between you and the ghost in minutes and seconds.


Press the LAP-button again within 10 seconds to switch to distance view, the watch now shows you the difference between you and the ghost in kilometers.


If you are a Suunto-user, feel free to download the app and try it out!