UltraMarkus Markus Kylberg / Ultra-endurance Athlete

I Want to Run Around Mont Blanc!

This year will be a big year in running for me. I am signed up for 4 ultras, one marathon, and I am planning a week-long adventure run in July. My real hardcore training for my first ever 50K starts in less than a week and I am so incredibly stoked!

But… There is one other race that, if I am lucky enough to get an entry to, will probably change my life in a big way. It’s the ASICS Beat the Sun challenge. A relay-race around Mont Blanc, on the UTMB-course, where teams from all over the world compete not against each other, but against the sun. The runners start at sunrise, and the goal is for the last runner in each team to finish before the sunset.

Since I am nowhere near ready to take on the full UTMB race, the ASICS Beat the Sun challenge would be such an amazingly perfect race to do. To get to travel to Mont Blanc and run on that course would be a huge dream come true. I can honestly say that I would give up all other races I have planned this year just to get to run this race. I mean just look at this place!


However, the odds are not exactly in my favor. There are only 24 lucky individuals that will get to take part in this race. Judges will pick a top 50, and the world will get to vote for the final 24. But in case any ASICS executives happen to read this, I can promise that I am willing to wear ASICS shoes for the rest of my life, day and night, if that is what it takes to get to run around Mont Blanc this summer.