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Learning to run again

It’s almost a year since I felt a twinge in my shin after a hard run. I had felt that pain before and I knew it well. So I took it easy for a few days, did some strength exercises, and was able to keep running. But I was training for a big year; three 50K races and a road marathon in four months, and a subtle, pulsing ache stayed with me as I kept increasing my mileage.

About a month before my first ultra, Lidingöloppet Ultramarathon 50K, I had just been out on a 35 km long run and had throbbing and aching shins the rest of the night. I decided to rest until the race.

I got through my first 50K, and my second, and the pain was manageable. It was mostly just annoying. I seemed to be able to race just fine without any pain at all, but training regularly made the pain worse.

I went to Kebnekaise, I ran another 50K. The pain still came and went every so often, and just wouldn’t ever go away completely. I took three months off from running, and when 2017 rolled around I decided it was time to start going out on some short, ridiculously easy runs.

Nope. Pain is still there. “What is the matter with my legs?!” I even got an MRI recently that came out clear. The doctor I went to gave me two options: orthopedic insoles or surgery if that didn’t help. And according to the doctor surgery is only a 50/50 shot of really fixing it, whatever “it” is…

So now what? I’m getting up early tomorrow to go and get custom made orthopedic insoles, and I’ll also get a fresh pair of Hoka Bondi 4 delivered. For now I’m putting all of my eggs in the max-cushioned, anti-born-to-run basket, since I’m clearly not born to run.

  • KarlH

    Du är inte ensam. Många har haft benhinneinflammation eller shinsplints. Mitt 2014-2015. Det finns några diffdiagnoser. Kompartmentsyndrom, stressfraktur. Du kommer att få nästan lika många svar som experter du frågar. Mer uppenbara korrigerande åtgärder till mer långsökta. Det är en overuse skada.

    Jag skulle kunna skriva hela min resa till smärtfri, många sidospår, men tillslut några mer tydliga framgångsrika åtgärder. Operation låter som en dum idé. Låter som något en läkare skulle kunna säga, (är själv läkare). Inlägg är inte heller lösningen tror jag. Det krävs mer aktiv rehab.

    Om du är intresserad skulle vi kunna samtala.