UltraMarkus Markus Kylberg / Ultra-endurance Athlete

The Runner’s High

It's me and the universe
Posted: March 4, 2017

I think a lot of people dismiss The Runner’s High as a perfectly boring, normal, endorphin-induced, happy feeling people get when they exercise. You get your blood pumping, and you feel good, what’s the big deal? I think it’s way more than that. I think The Runner’s High is a state of mind beyond the comprehension of humans.

Bare with me here. I don’t intend to sound completely insane.

There is a moment when I’m out running. When I’m alone deep in the forest, far from any other human. A moment when everything, and not just my specific circumstance, is… Well, right. A moment when no matter what the rest of my life is like, I could not for the life of me come up with anything I would change to improve the state of the universe in that moment.

It’s me and the universe. Nothing else exists.

But what is so great about being alone in the universe? Well, imagine where you would want to be if the world ended and you were the only soul left alive. Do you see it? That’s where I am when I’m out there, alone deep in the forest, far from any other human. Not only am I alone in the universe, I am exactly in the place I would want to be if that were in fact the case.

The world could end, and I would not change a thing.